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"Leila and the Wolves" van Heiny Srour

Maandag 31 maart 2014 20:00-23:00 | KVS - Brussel
"Leila and the Wolves" van Heiny Srour

Op maandag 31 maart komt de militante Libanese feministische film maakster Heiny Srour naar KVS Brussel in het kader van Eye on Palestine Film and Arts Festival. Zij stelt er haar feministisch meesterwerk "Leila and the Wolves" voor.

Inhoud van de film:
"Having survived numerous Beirut bombings, Leila’s resilience is intended to symbolize the endurance of all Lebanese women. The “wolves,” in this instance, are of the human variety: male predators who continue to rattle sabres and wage wars, no matter the price the innocent must pay. Curiously, while offering a feminist viewpoint, the film implies that the “liberated” Lebanese woman is more a part of the problem than a part of the solution."

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