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EIGE cherche des expert.e.s externes (2015-2019)

EIGE cherche des expert.e.s externes (2015-2019)

L’ Institut européen pour l’égalité entre les hommes et les femmes (EIGE) met en place (période 2015-2019) une liste de réserve pour des expert.e.s. Plus de détails ci-dessous (extract uit EIGE/2075/ADM/33, Notice of call for expression of interest For the establishment of list of external expert).

Use of the experts’ list resulting from this notice

’The experts included in the list resulting from this notice will be used exclusively to carry out tasks described below, with a maximum threshold of 129,000 EUR (below the current Directive threshold) of total payments per expert for the whole duration of the call for expressions of interest, including both remunerations and reimbursements.

Tasks :

  • i. Developing, reviewing and monitoring projects that may include the following tasks :
    • a. reviewing and evaluating tenders, reports and other project deliverables, outputs and results,
    • b. validating data and information ;
    • c. participation in working groups, meetings and other on-site visits ;
  • ii. Tasks relating to the provision of opinions and specific advice for the dissemination and/or promotion of EIGE’s projects, including drafting, adjusting and updating of reports for specific target groups and audiences, and consulting on specific topic related materials and their development ;
  • iii. Tasks relating to the provision of opinions and specific advice to EIGE in the areas referred to in point 7 ; this may include evaluation of EIGE’s products, tools, projects and applications ;
  • iv. Evaluation of procurement tenders ;
  • v. Tasks related to the provision of opinions and specific advice during recruitment procedures.

The selected expert/s shall assist EIGE in the performance of the relevant tasks mentioned above and shall conduct their work in compliance with EIGE’s processes and procedures as according to instructions given by EIGE. All relevant information/documentation will be made available to the experts by EIGE prior to the start of activities. Specific working arrangements for the execution of allocated task will be defined in the contract signed between EIGE and the expert.

Areas covered by the call for expressions of interest

The contracting authority may need assistance in evaluation of procurement tenders, in project implementation and in ex-post evaluation and opinion and advice in specific cases in the following areas :

  • a) Research in gender equality including Gender statistics/indicators/databases ;
  • b) Gender Based Violence ;
  • c) Gender Mainstreaming including methods and tools such as gender budgeting, gender impact assessment, etc.
  • d) Knowledge management and communication.

Place of delivery

The tasks may be carried out at EIGE premises, at any other premises where an event is organized by EIGE, or remotely, using electronic tools.

Expiry date of the list resulting from this call for expressions of interest

The list resulting from this notice is valid for four years from dispatch of this notice. Interested parties may submit an application at any time prior to the last three months of validity of the list.

Selection criteria

Experts shall be selected on the basis of their professional and technical capacity to perform the tasks described in this call according to the following criteria :

  • the applicant shall be a natural person, not a legal entity ;
  • a minimum of a university degree or equivalent that enables them to undertake post graduate studies ;
  • professional experience of over 7 years in the area(s) for which the applicants are applying ;
  • proven understanding of EU policies and priorities related to gender equality (presented in the application form) ;
  • as EIGE’s working language is English, applicants must have excellent knowledge of written and spoken English (minimum Cl level).

In addition to the main requirements, in the CV applicants are requested to demonstrate their skills and experiences depending on the area they are applying :

  • a) Research in gender equality including Gender statistics/indicators/databases ;
    • proven record of work with official statistical data, gender statistics and gender sensitive indicators at a national, EU or international level and experience in using quantitative data analysis software, e.g. Excel, SPSS and/or Stata ;
    • experience of coordinating or conducting international research projects ;
    • evidence of ability to draft high quality research reports and/or policy papers in excellent English.
  • b) Gender Based Violence ;
    • experience in the field of GBV, including theory or practice, and/or in-depth understanding of specific forms of gender-based violence ;
    • experience in interpreting information and data on violence against women and/or GBV to be used in communication and campaign activities or policy briefs ;
    • experience of working with international official data sets, such as those provided by EUROSTAT or the UN as well as experience in the execution of surveys ;
    • evidence of ability to draft policy oriented reports in English.
  • c) Gender Mainstreaming (including methods and tools such as gender budgeting, gender impact assessment, etc.) :
    • knowledge of design and implementation of gender mainstreaming tools ;
    • knowledge and understanding of how gender mainstreaming strategies are applied in organisations / institutions ;
    • knowledge and experience of integration of gender into various policy areas.
  • d) Knowledge management and communication :
    • proven knowledge of terminology related to gender equality ;
    • experience in drafting articles, reports, briefings, summaries as well as preparing material for social media, webpages and other IT communication tools in English ;
    • excellent editing and proofreading skills in English.

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