Yes, women have to be present in the urban public space! 

The urban public space belongs to women as much as to men. But do women and girls feel themselves at home in it as do men and boys? Amazone, crossroads gender equality wants to renew the debate on the topic and discuss the added value of the taking into account of (gender) differences in the design of the urban public (real and virtual) space.

You got talent? Then respond to the call before July 5, 2020

With your help we also want to address this problem in a concrete way. We invite you to take part in an exhibition in the fall of 2020 by responding to this call before July 5, 2020. We’re looking forward to works of visual art that can be exhibited or of which a prototype can be placed within the Amazone premises: drawings, paintings, (wall) paintings, graphic work, photos, videos (provided with own equipment), small sculptures and installations… On demand of the curators this appeal includes also performing arts: archive photos or video recordings of performances or plays are also welcome, whether or not in combination with the performance of a short sketch during the opening of the exhibition.

What’s in it for you?

We can offer you: communication, opening and closing event of the exposition, small recompensation, (audience) award prize awarded during a study afternoon in September 2020.

Curators: Els De Vos ( and spatial planner, affiliated with the Faculty of Design Sciences of the University of Antwerp) and B. Hermès Roland (PhD in information and communication, with specialization in performing arts, teacher and scientific assistant at CiASp_Centre de recherche and Cinéma et Arts du Spectacle at ULB).

Place: Amazone, Middaglijnstraat 10, 1210 Brussels.

We like to inspire you with…

some literature reviews. You can find below references on the appropriation by women of the urban (real and virtual) public space and the attention to (gender)diversity:

We do thank you in advance!

For more information, contact:  Vers l’article en français.