Launch: “It’s Not That Grey“- Guide to counter Sexual Harassment

What do all stories of sexual harassment have in common, and what can they teach us? Come and find out at the launch of Period.’s brand new guide “It’s Not That Grey” on navigating the twilight of harassment.

We live in a world where the vast majority of women* will be the target of harassment, sexual assault or rape at some point in their lives. Over the past year and a half, we have broken down and analysed hundreds of stories of sexual harassment, and come to a conclusion: women*’s collective history of violence and trauma can be turned into tools to navigate this patriarchal world. With our Red Flag System, we help potential targets and bystanders of harassment to identify early instances of sexual harassment, and change society for the better. “It’s Not That Grey” gives readers concrete tools to spot harassment, break the circle of silence and bust myths around the “grey zone”.

This guide is a hands-on training, it is challenging the status-quo and it wants to change the world.

Come and join us for the launch of the guide at the Vienna Liaison Office (Vienna House) in Brussels. You will have the opportunity to discuss with our authors Sara Hassan and Juliette Sanchez-Lambert, get your copy of the guide and start to practice and create change and solidarity in our society.

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*Open to all genders*
Please register here before 29.3.2019

Entrance is free, but we appreciate donations for our ongoing feminist work in Brussels.

Tervurenlaan 58, 1040 Etterbeek, België

About Period.

Founded in 2016, Period. is a feminist solidarity network that connects, empowers and educates women* in Brussels. Period. is a grassroots movement that offers monthly workshops, get-togethers, and feminist festivals. We create a unique safe space of woman*hood that provides a refreshing alternative to male-dominated areas. In this space, we practice intersectional feminism and solidarity.