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Les Volumineuses : Vol.2

After a flamboyant first edition, Les Volumineuses are back in force with Vol.2! Join us on July 2nd for a sunny afternoon and evening – at least we hope so – at the Jardin Hospice, a real oasis of greenery in the heart of Brussels 🌿
For this second edition, we have concocted a unique and groovy line up. On the menu: live music, DJ sets, shows and workshops. ⬇️⬇️


2.45pm- 6pm: Children workshop (ribbon)
Once the ribbon has been decorated with ecoline paint, a “putting in motion” workshop will follow, with the help of animators!
3pm-5pm: Screen-printing workshop on tote bags
Your tote bags all look the same and you find it monotonous? We invite you to spice them up for the occasion during a screen-printing workshop led by Bitoño!
4pm-4.45pm: Dance workshop
We offer teenagers and adults the opportunity to take part in a dance and movement workshop led by choreographer Cécile Lassonde.. Let yourself be carried away by her creativity!


2pm: INSIDE show (Page 55 collective)
Choreographer and performer Cécile Lassonde and dancer Zoé Lecorgne will present a piece in three parts on a common playground mixing dance, sport and theater.
3pm: Tsoukina
Tsoukina is a traditional Gnaoua music group, founded in Brussels in 2019 by Mâalma Imane Guemssy. In this predominantly male musical culture, they want to convey a message of equality through their music and present the Gnaoua culture in an original way.
4.10pm: JNY (support act)
Proud member of the O’B league collective, JNY (pronounced “Jenny”) is coming straight from Namur. She’s young artist passionnated, who loves melodies whether in the rap or singing and influenced by rap, RnB and pop. The young Dutch-Congolese is mainly inspired by her misadventures in order write her lyrics. She deals with themes such as love, depression, and the urge to succeed in her art.
5pm: Aziza (support act)
Aziza arrives at Vol.2! Soft, powerful and enchanting, Aziza’s musical project doesn’t stick to any particular genre, and that’s probably what makes its strength and beauty. On stage, the “Hipsoul Hoprock” compositions of this artist with a deep and singular voice are supported by a superb trio formula: Aziza (vocals/bass), Diego Higueras (guitar) and Théo Téboul (drums). A musical and sensory experience not to be missed!
6pm: April Maey
April Maey, an angelic voice that attracts sunshine and good mood. Music is present in all aspects of her life and can be felt through her writing, her voice, her colorful music videos, her various musical influences and her stage presence. So many assets that characterize this artist with such immense and complete talent.
7.15pm: Esinam
Esinam proposes an authentic instrumental music, filled with original rhythms and melodies, sprinkled here and there with her luminous voice. In her first album “Shapes in Twilights of Infinity”, she invites us to a cosmic journey, towards colored horizons of sounds and influences that extend as far as the eye can see.
8.30pm: Tropical DJipsies (DJ set)
Immersed in a colorful and rhythmic musical universe, DiDi is a member of Rebel Up, Festa Afro Tuga and Giraffes & Penguins. Since 2019, we find her behind the DJ booth with her 100% female crew: Tropical DJipsies. Her selection is inspired by the four corners of the globe but is mainly fed by Afro-Portuguese music.


Safe event:
Being vigilant about gender-based violences in our events is a key priority and a core value for us. Our team will be paying close attention to all participants and will take all necessary actions to make our events welcoming, caring and safe. A “safe event” stand will be open throughout the event and a “chill zone” will be set up to allow people to get away from the crowd.
More glitter in our lives:
Because we all need to put a little more glitter in our lives, the participants will all have the opportunity to create make-up with the help of our volunteers, with a wide range of biodegradable glitter.
Food truck:
For VOL.2, it’s the Grand Hospice’s food truck that will delight your taste buds! On the menu: tapenades, cheese or mixed plates and burgers.
Stickers labeled “Les Volumineuses”, t-shirts specially designed for the occasion in direct collaboration with Betch, a women’s streetwear collective from Brussels, and more surprises will be available at our merchandising stand.


Participating pricing:
Our events are open to all. Following a participating pricing system, we want to allow anyone in, according to their financial means. Nevertheless, our events have a cost and signs will allow you to visually understand the expenses needed to organize this Vol. 1. Volunteers at the entrance will be available to answer any questions from participants. We do not sell pre-sales or tickets.
Jardin Hospice (Rue du Grand Hospice 7, 1000 Bruxelles)
Doors open at 1.30pm
Thanks to FWB for the help!