Monthly feminist reading group held in English.

1. February Tuesday 22nd
o Preface (1999), Preface (1990)
o & Reading group plan
2. March Tuesday 29th
o 1 Subjects of Sex/Gender/Desire
3. April Tuesday 26th
o 2 Prohibition, Psychoanalysis, and the Production of the Heterosexual Matrix
4. May Tuesday 31st
o 3 Subversive Bodily Acts
– I The body politics of Julia Kristeva
– II Foucault, Herculine, and the politics of sexual discontinuity
5. June Tuesday 28th
o 3 Subversive Bodily Acts
– III Monique Wittig: bodily disintegration and fictive sex
– IV Bodily inscriptions, performative subversions
6. July Tuesday 26th
o Conclusion: From Parody to Politics
o & Closing discussion

Location :
The Crazy Circle
Rue du Prince Royal 11, 1050 Brussels