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Gender diversity ambassador - Call for applications DL 9/10

Gender diversity ambassador - Call for applications DL 9/10

On the 5 of December 2013, the fourth winner of the Wo.Men@Work Award will be announced. This Award goes to a C-level manager who promotes gender balance within his or her company based in Belgium.

By electing such an ambassador every year, we aim to put gender diversity under the spotlight thanks to one corporate champion and to spread best practices for women’s advancement in the workplace.

Applications are welcome until the 9th of October 2013 !

We are looking for :
A C-level manager (CEO, COO, CFO, CIO or member of the Executive Committee) in a company established in Belgium who personally commits to promoting gender balance
Applications from SMEs are welcome !

Make your commitment to further gender diversity visible !

"Strengthen right now your gender equality process to achieve even better results. By applying, your company will benefit from a personalised assessment of your organisation’s diversity and inclusion efforts, and demonstrate its commitment to being an employer of choice. With your application, show your teams that they are on the right path to make positive changes !"

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