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3rd conference: Equal is not enough

Van 4 tot 6 februari 2015 | City Campus of the University of Antwerp - Building "De Meerminne" Antwerp
3rd conference: Equal is not enough

The third edition of the conference Equal is not Enough, entitled ‘Exploring novel theoretical and empirical approaches to the shaping of (in)equalities’ will take place in Antwerp (Belgium), 4, 5 & 6 February, 2015.

The conference seeks to contribute to the understanding of the causes, consequences and underlying dynamics of inequalities, as well as to the understanding of contemporary policies to combat them. In challenging differences and inequalities in contemporary societies, the conference addresses different grounds of inequality, such as gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, disability, class and age, and also focuses on the comparison and intersection that can be drawn between them. It does so in four different sections, paying particular attention to law, public policies, organisations and the life course as such:

Key note lectures will be given by Professor Sylvia Walby (Lancaster University), Professor Jeff Hearn (University of Huddersfield, Hanken School of Economics, and Orebro University), and Professor Dagmar Schiek (University of Leeds).

The programme committee
Prof. dr. Daniël Cuypers
Prof. dr. Petra Meier
Prof. dr. Dimitri Mortelmans
Prof. dr. Guy T’Sjoen
Prof. dr. Alison E. Woodward
Prof. dr. Patrizia Zanoni
Prof. dr. Koen Van Laer
Dr. Stefan Hardonk
Dr. Joz Motmans
Dr. Jogchum Vrielink

The conference coordinator, Dr. Eline Severs

The Policy Research Centre on Equality Policies (PRCEP) is an inter-university consortium of the Universities of Antwerp, Hasselt, Brussels, Ghent, and Leuven.

More information:
Please check the website for detailed and up to date information: www.equalisnotenough.org



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