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Eliminating Domestic Violence in Europe: Implementing Strategies for Protection and Prevention

Woensdag 25 februari 2015 09:00-16:30 | Thon Hotel - Brussels City Centre

Eliminating Domestic Violence in Europe:

Implementing Strategies for Protection and Prevention

Key speakers from:

European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA)

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Domestic violence can be at the hand of both sexes. However, violence against women is predominantly perpetrated by men. Currently, 9 out of 10 victims of domestic violence within the European Union are women. Furthermore, between 12 and 35 percent of women, depending on the Member State, are victims of intimate partner violence. These figures clearly delineate the gender dimension of this serious and persistent issue in Europe.

To establish a minimum of protection and rights for the victims of crime, the EU Commission adopted in 2011 a package of legislative proposals, including the EU Victim’s Directive. Today, civil societies across Europe are calling for an EU-wide strategy against violence against women. The Daphne Programme also provides essential funding for a wide range of important projects.

Domestic violence and abuse are complex issues that require sensitive and comprehensive approaches by professionals. Those working to tackle domestic violence, all recognise the need for more robust and comparable data in the field. Better data will not only develop comprehensive legislation at national and EU level, but also allow professionals to develop more adapted support and social services for victims.

This timely International Symposium will analyse the existing challenges in shaping a truly comprehensive and holistic strategy and toolkits for tackling the gender dimension of intimate partner violence. The Symposium will examine the role of organisations at all levels, and of society in general, in moving to eliminate all forms of domestic and gender-based violence. The Symposium will also support the exchange of ideas and encourage delegates to engage in thought-provoking topical debate with local and regional practitioners and policymakers at EU level.

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