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The Millenium Festival: Candles in the wind

Maandag 23 maart 2015 17:00-18:00 | Cinéma Aventure - Kleerkopersstraat 57 1000 Brussel
The Millenium Festival: Candles in the wind

The Millenium Festival organized as every year, festival composed by consists documentaries carefully selected and meet the fundamental issues of our century. The woman and her condition is once again a major topic discussed at the festival.

We selected five films treating, about different angles, the role and status of women worldwide
Through this selection, you can discover a small part of the proposed program.

Candles in the wind by Kavita Bahl, Nandan Saxena

The Punjab, also called “Land of Five Rivers”, is the most fertile region in India. Yet, farmers are no longer able to provide for themselves and go increasingly into debt because multinational companies regulate all the pricing policies and control seeds and pesticides. Candle in the Wind witnesses the silent but nevertheless persistent struggle of women who try to re-negotiate the laws that deprive them of their lands.

Several sessions are organized for each movie and you can already find the complete selection on the Millenium Festival website



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