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The Millenium Festival: The Storm Makers

Maandag 23 maart 2015 18:30-19:30 | CIVA - Kluisstraat 55 1050 Brussel
The Millenium Festival: The Storm Makers

The Millenium Festival organized as every year, festival composed by consists documentaries carefully selected and meet the fundamental issues of our century. The woman and her condition is once again a major topic discussed at the festival.

We selected five films treating, about different angles, the role and status of women worldwide

Through this selection, you can discover a small part of the proposed program.

The Storm Makers par Guillaume Suon

Aya is a former slave. At the age of 16, the young Cambodian peasant was sold to a Malaysian recruitment agency to work as a maid. There she was beaten, abused and deprived without receiving a salary. Now back in village, she is just as poor as when she left. Dishonoured and traumatised, what is left of her humanity? The film traces modern-day slavery in Cambodia by disclosing the fate of this young woman and following, in parallel, the daily lives of two human traffickers, a local recruiter and the head of an agency. Cambodian people call these traffickers “Mey Kechol”: The Storm Makers. From the impoverished remote villages to the bustling urban centre of Phnom Penh, The Storm Makers reveals a unique perspective on the exploitation of Cambodia’s rural population. The film raises an unsettling question: what is the price of a young peasant‘s life in contemporary Cambodian society?

Several sessions are organized for each movie and you can already find the complete selection on the Millenium Festival website



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