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Gender Summit 7 in Berlin : call for abstracts - deadline : July 1st, 23:59pm CET

Gender Summit 7 in Berlin : call for abstracts - deadline : July 1st, 23:59pm CET

Why submit an abstract ?

1. Present your work at the Gender Summit

The Gender Summit aims to network experts and practitioners concerned with equality as a key factor of research and innovation excellence. In addition to high-level keynote speakers, the Summit creates a forum for excellent bottom-up contributions from researchers and practitioners alike. We offer the opportunity to present your work as an oral presentation or as a poster presentation.

2. Get your research included in the book of abstracts and in the online Gender Summit resource centre

The Gender Summit provides researchers, practitioners and policy makers with the latest evidence concerning the role of gender in research and innovation. As a global initiative, with summits in Europe, Asia, North America and South Africa, the Summits offer a global resource and network of knowledge.

3. Qualify for the poster prize

Research and projects by early-stage researchers created within the framework of their PhD studies or a PhD programme can qualify for the Gender Summit Poster Prize. If you are currently working towards your PhD, are submitting a poster, and wish to enter your work for the Poster Prize, you can indicate this during submission. The prize will be given by one of our partner organisations – more information will be announced soon.

4. Apply for a participation grant

Researchers working at non-profit organisations (universities...) in one of the following European countries may apply for a participation grant which will allow them to register at a discount during the early-bird and normal registration phase :

  • 65% discount on registrations : Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine
  • 35% discount on registrations : Belarus, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Turkey

The number of grants available is limited and depends on the ability of our partners to extend such support.

5. Apply for a travel contribution

Researchers working at non-profit organisations (universities,..) in one of the following European countries may apply for a contribution to their travel costs. In case this is granted, a certain fixed, and previously agreed amount will be reimbursed after the Gender Summit upon submission of original receipts. Eligible for travel contribution : Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine

6. Volunteer to Act as a Gender Summit Facilitator

Early-stage researchers with previous experience working at research conferences can volunteer to act as a Gender Summit Facilitator in the following areas :

  • discussion facilitator – help the discussion leaders by passing along the floor microphone & timing the debate
  • session rapporteur – provide a written summary of a session or discussion (excellent written English required)
  • social media rapporteur – report on the Gender Summit via Twitter, Facebook and other social channels ; post images and connect with virtual attendees online
  • speaker support – look after the needs of a particular speaker, ensure their presentation is ready & loaded and accompany them to their session.

In exchange for a minimum of 5 hours of support, we will offer you a 30% reduction on the registration rate.

The number of grants and contributions available is limited and depends on the ability of our partners to extend such support.

7. How to Submit an Abstract

1) Download the Abstract Submission Template

Only complete, proof-read and fully formatted abstracts submitted using the Gender Summit Abstract Template will be accepted for review. Please download the template and respect its format, structure and length limit.

→ Download via : http://bit.ly/gs7-atemplate (word doc)

2) Create Your Abstract, Format and Save it in line with these guidelines

Make sure to follow the template layout. The total length of the abstract body is limited to 500 words and 1 page in length ! Longer abstracts will not be considered. Make sure the abstract is proof-read as abstracts will be printed in the book of abstracts as submitted. Save the file as a pdf document with all images and fonts embedded. More information on structure & formatting can be found below and on the abstract template.

3) Register online as Corresponding Author

In order to ensure that we can correspond with you about your abstract submission, we’ll need to validate your email and assign you a unique submission ID. Should you need to submit more than one abstract, you will need to request a second submission ID. You can do so by filling out the form a second time.

→ Register Here : http://www.jotformpro.com/gendersum...

4) Submit your Abstract using your unique abstract ID

Once you register as corresponding author (see step 3 above), you will receive an email with your unique abstract ID to the e-mail address provided. Please update the name of your abstract to : [UniqueAbstractID-CorrespondingAuthorLastName-FirstName].pdf (i.e. EGS15002-Smith-Anne.pdf)

→ go to : http://www.jotformpro.com/gendersum... to upload your renamed abstract

You will be asked to :

  • Describe your abstract (name, keywords, theme,..)
  • Submit all abstract authors (including yourself)
  • Indicate how you would like to present your work if selected (poster, oral)
  • Apply to be considered for the ESR Poster Prize & Participation Grant
  • Upload your abstract using your unique abstract ID

Please have all necessary information ready, as you will not be able to save this form and continue submission at a later date !

8. Next Step

Abstract Submission Deadline is 1 July 2015, 23:59pm CET.
Only abstracts submitted by the deadline will be reviewed.

1) Immediately after submission

You will receive a confirmation email with a summary of your submission and a link to your file. Please check this thoroughly and alert us immediately via gendersummit@davinci-instittue.eu, should you find any mistakes. If you do not receive this mail within 1 hour of submission, please check your junk folder or get in touch.

2) By 1 September 2015

Your abstract will be reviewed by the Organising Committee. We will inform you of the outcome of this review by 1 September 2015. If you apply for a participation grant, you will also hear about the outcome by 1 September 2015. Please do not contact any Committee Members or Organisers during this period. If you have an urgent technical question, or wish to withdraw your abstract, please email to gendersummit@davinci-institute.eu, quoting your Abstract Title and Submission Confirmation ID.

9. Abstract - Tips & Guidelines

The total length of the abstract body is limited to 500 words and 1 page in length ! Abstracts longer than 500 words will not be considered. Use simple sentences and avoid abbreviations. Ask a colleague to check the text to ensure that it conveys the information in an approachable way. The abstract will be printed in the book of abstracts as submitted.

A) Content and Structure

When producing the abstract, please follow the structure below and answer as precisely as possible the questions listed. The quality and relevance of your abstract will be evaluated against these five points. Addressing them concisely and in order will greatly improve the peer review process. Due to the limited area, the importance, method, results and novelty of the present work should be clearly presented not in a descriptive but in an informative manner. The main body of the text can be followed by the list of references (if any). Examples of references are given below [1-2]. Omit the journal paper titles in the reference list.

B) Format

The text should be Times New Roman, 11 pt, left and right justified. Page size A4 (210 x 297 mm) ; 20 mm borders all round. Do not change the fonts or the size of fonts, number of columns (single), margins and spaces. The title of the paper, author names and affiliations should be put in as indicated above. Presenting author’s name should be underlined on the abstract. The superscripts that relate the author to the affiliation should be omitted in the case of a single author or multiple authors with the same affiliation.

Figures (see fig. 1) or tables may be placed below the references provided that the length of the abstract does not exceed 1 page. Figures and tables must be accompanied by a caption with font size 11 pt. The font size in tables must not be smaller than 10pt. Fonts and symbols in figures must be sufficiently large to clearly readable after a size reduction of 70%.

C) Preparing your Abstract for Submission

In order for your abstract to be reviewed, please make sure to fulfil the following conditions :

  • create using this Gender Summit Abstract Template,
  • complete, proof-read and fully-formatted,
  • no longer than 500 word and 1-page in length
  • saved as a pdf file with all fonts embedded, no larger than 3MB in size
  • named as [UniqueAbstractID]-[CorrespondingAuthorLastName]-[ CorrespondingAuthorFirstName].pdf (e.g. EGS14-B20312-Smith-Anne.pdf).

If you do not have a Unique Abstract ID yet, please request one at : http://www.jotformpro.com/gendersum... before attempting to submit.

D) Submission

For each submission, please request a new Unique Abstract ID at : http://www.jotformpro.com/gendersum...

Only one PDF file of up to 3MB in size may be uploaded per Unique Abstract ID at http://www.jotformpro.com/gendersum...

Abstract Submission Deadline is 1 July 2015, 23:59pm CET. Only abstracts submitted by the deadline will be reviewed.

More information on http://gender-summit.com/gs7-about
See also the pdf file :