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juni 2010: EMHRN-aanbevelingen voor het Belgisch Voorzitterschap van de EU

5. juni 2010: EMHRN-aanbevelingen voor het Belgisch Voorzitterschap van de EU

Bij de aanvang van het Belgisch voorzitterschap op 1 juli 2010 publiceert het EMHRN (Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network) een reeks van aanbevelingen gericht aan:
- het Belgisch voorzitterschap van de Raad van de Europese Unie
- de Hoge vertegenwoordiger van de Unie voor Buitenlandse zaken en Veiligheidsbeleid Catherine Ashton
- de Voorzitter van de Europese Raad Herman Van Rompuy.

Hoofdstuk 3 legt de nadruk op "gender" en "vrouwenrechten":
3. Gender Equality and Women’s Rights in the Euro-Mediterranean region
On 11-12 November 2009, the second Euro-Mediterranean Ministerial Conference on ‘Strengthening the Role of Women in Society’ was held in Marrakech adopting a set of important conclusions. The meeting was preceded by a large regional civil society conference in Istanbul, 24-25 October 2009, and followed-up by an evaluation seminar in Casablanca, 23-24 April 2010, both organized by the EMHRN and the Euro-Mediterranean NGO Platform.

The EMHRN welcomes that the Ministers in Marrakech reiterated their commitment to promote equality between men and women while stressing the need for each partner to clearly define and implement national action plans in this regard.

The EMHRN welcomes the clear references made by the Ministers to obligations under international conventions including the CEDAW, and the recognition of the important role played by independent human and women’s rights organizations.

However, the EMHRN regrets that no proper follow up and monitoring mechanism was adopted with clear time frameworks, assignment of responsibility, benchmarks and indicators.

The EMHRN wishes to recall that women’s rights issues were practically inexistent in the Barcelona process until the Belgian Presidency in 2001 organised the first seminar high-lighting the role of women in the EuroMed region initiating a process leading to the Marrakech meeting.

The EMHRN has high expectations that the Belgian Presidency – together with the High Representative - follows-up on its past initiative and takes the lead in promoting that Marrakech commitments are translated into concrete actions, in particular:

  • set in place a proper follow-up mechanism for the implementation of the Marrakesh commitments
  • lift all reservations to the CEDAW, ratify its optional protocol and take necessary measures to harmonise constitutions and nationals laws with CEDAW and ensuring its full implementation by all Euro-Mediterranean States.
  • national action plans with clear and explicit objectives on the short, medium and longer term with a calendar and indicators for regular evaluation
  • gender mainstreaming of all policies, programmes and project areas of the UfM and the European Neighbourhood Policy while specific gender projects are also identified and developed.

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