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Starhawk : Earth-based spirituality and social permaculture

Zaterdag 19 augustus 2017 09:00-17:30 | More information will follow - 1320 Beauvechain
Zaterdag 19 augustus 2017 18:00-23:59 | More information will follow - 1320 Beauvechain
Dinsdag 27 juni 2017 14:06-15:06 | More information will follow - 1320 Beauvechain
Zondag 20 augustus 2017 09:00-18:30 | More information will follow - 1320 Beauvechain
Starhawk : Earth-based spirituality and social permaculture

Join Starhawk, a lifelong activist in peace and global-justice movements and one of the most respected voices in modern earth-based spirituality, in a journey to explore your individual and collective sources of power 19th & 20th of august in Belgium. Discover ways for structuring groups to navigate conflict. Using tools of magic, meditation, trance, and storytelling, and using ritual to raise and focus group energy, you’ll learn to empower yourself while celebrating your connection with resilient communities that can become joyful and effective agents of change.


Saturday 19th august : Workshop "Rituals"

Ritual creation is a craft that can be learned. A ritual that moves us tells a story. It has a clear, simple intention that matters, where something is at stake. We translate that intention into symbols, imagery and actions, that move energy and that speak in a language participants can identify with. Starhawk shares the wisdom she’s gleaned in more than four decades of crafting ritual, and guides us in taking our ritual skills to the next level.

Schedule : 19/08 -from 9.00 till 17.30
Where : Belgium
Costs : 70 €

Saturday evening : Spiral dance

Spiral dance is a tradition group dance designed to emphasize « community and rebirth » and is also used « to raise power in a ritual ».« In the spiral dance we are all linked, dancing for renewal, regeneration, raising the power we need to make our visions weave… The circle of healing »

Schedule : 19/08 - from 18.00 till …
Where : Belgium
Costs : Free conscious participation. The amount raised will allow Terre & Conscience to organize the arrival of Starhawk in 2018.

Sunday 20th august : Workshop " Social Permaculture : Guide for Collaborative Groups"

When we come together to co-create, to empower one another or to challenge the structures of unjust power, we face unique challenges. All groups struggle with issues of power, conflicts, and the need to make decisions. Collaborative groups may be healing, nurturing, and inspirational—or they may founder on the rocks of conflict and poor communication. 

In this one-day intensive, we’ll explore issues of conflict, communication and power. Starhawk’s book, The Empowerment Manual: A Guide for Collaborative Groups, will be our foundation. We’ll come away with tools and insights that can help our groups and relationships become places that function more effectively, creatively and harmoniously, and offer us true support in challenging times.

Schedule : 20/08 - from 9.00 till 17.30
Where : Belgium
Costs : 70 €

Practical information

- Online registration

- Participation in the 2 workshops (19 & 20/08) :
Registration for 2 workshop days costs 125 €, Conscious participation in the "Spiral dance" of saturday night is not included in this amount.

- Venue : Located near Bauvechain (1320) 25 km south of Brussels, this place is accessible by public transport (bus). A carpooling link and address will be communicated to registrants in early August.

- Accomodation : campsite will be available from 19 to 20 August

- More information on Starhawk : see http://starhawk.org



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