Amazone works together with a multitude of different players on a daily basis.


From March to October, we partner with the ASBL Fabrik to organise ‘open garden’ events. During these afternoons, you can observe the work being done, do some gardening yourself, stroll around, meet people, do things together, ask questions, discover and (re)settle. The event takes place every Wednesday from 2pm to 4pm, and is open to all.


Bib Josse and their BTGE collection are regular partners of Amazone. The “Bibliothèque en tous genres” (BTGE) or library of all genders, inaugurated in April 2009 with the support of the Equal Opportunities Department of the municipality of Saint-Josse, offers a collection of books on gender issues and the fight against sexist stereotypes


For over 30 years, non-profit SIMA has defended the values of secularism, citizenship, solidarity, equality, tolerance, respect for human rights, respect for diversity and the rejection of exclusion.

Amazone participated in the dynamic initiatives “1001” and “Saint Josse à l’heure des questions de genre”, two projects led by SIMA.


For nearly 30 years, the Théâtre de la Vie has been located in the heart of Saint-Josse. It is a small, warm and welcoming theatre with 72 seats and it supports young Belgian theatre-makers while focusing on contemporary stage forms and contemporary themes.

The performances on offer are the fruit of the artists’ imagination, of their desire to tell a story, to make people feel and experience, to share questions, desires, words, bodies, a space and a moment.

Amazone regularly collaborates with the Théâtre de la vie.


GAMP (a pressure group denouncing the lack of places for people with serious care needs) is a citizen action group demanding that people with serious care needs have the same rights with regard to adapted care, specialised help and social inclusion as other citizens.

Amazone is home to a GAMP’s Book Box, a project with social value managed by a group of people with disabilities.


The fight against menstrual poverty primarily consists of making menstrual products freely available to all menstruating people living in precarious conditions. This is why Amazone has set up a collection point for menstrual products for Bruzelle.

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