Elections 2024: These are feminist organizations demands

The federal, regional, and European elections are approaching. On June 9, 2024, we will head to the polls! An important moment for feminist and LGBTQIA+ organizations in our country. Gender equality, women’s rights, and the rights of gender minorities must be high on the agenda of the next legislature. With this in mind, Amazone, Crossroads for gender equality in Belgium, is compiling a non-exhaustive list of memoranda and manifestos from feminist and LGBTQIA+ organizations on this page (in French or Dutch).

The goal is to provide an overview of the priorities and ambitions of the feminist movements in Belgium, not only for the benefit of political decision-makers but also for every citizen who will be asked to vote in June 2024. From an electoral perspective, the aim is to show the variety and scope of feminist concerns, ranging from equal pay to the fight against gender-based violence, including abortion rights and gender-based discrimination.

The 2024 elections are a crucial opportunity to advance the gender equality agenda in Belgium. Therefore, we want to emphasize the essential role of feminist movements in building a fairer and more inclusive society.

*We refer to everyone who identifies with this term and state that everyone is free to define their own gender identity.

Also, see the series of articles in Axelle magazine dedicated to the place of gender equality in the various programs of the French-speaking parties in Belgium: Élections 2024 : voter en féministe.

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